NordQuake Achievements
This webpage gives the status of the objectives to be achieved by the network.

  • The status of four researcher network meetings and two research training courses is seen under Activities.
  • The following earthquakes have been selected to consitute the data set of major earthquakes. The list is preliminary and may be expanded:
    2000 Iceland
    2004 Kaliningrad
    2008 Iceland
    2008 Svalbard
    2008 Lund
    2009 Skagarak
    2011 Jan Mayen
  • As a basis of the selection of the most important historic earthuakes in our region and an inspection of historic pre-instrumental key earthquakes, the Scandinavian Earthquake Archive has been selected LINK
  • Exchange of metadata between network operators.
  • A virtual earthquake network with the focus on the Baltic Sea is in preperation, contact Ilma Janutyte.
  • A virtual earthquake network with the focus on the Baltic area is established, contact Dr. Valerijs Nikulins.
  • A virtual earthquake network with the focus on the Arctic area is in preperation with russian collagues, contact NORSAR.
  • A description of event codes used in the nordic format by the network operatiors, contact Dr. Marja Uski.
  • Historical earthquakes in northern Europe, contact Dr. Marja Uski.

    Establishment of Working groups:
  • Macroseismology. Chairman: Päivi Mäntyniemi
  • Virtual network, Chairman Peter Voss
  • Identification of explosions and local earthquakes, Chairman: Tormod Kværna

    Other Nordic inititavies:
  • NORDSEIS - Advanced studies of seismology in Nordic countries, LINK