NordQuake Activities
NordQuake will organize and hold meetings and training courses for earthquake researchers and students at universities and other research institutions in the Nordic and Baltic countries and training courses for PhD students and young researchers. Details on these activities are given below.

Researcher Network kick off meeting
Time and place: 7-8 OCT 2011 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Researcher Training course
Time and place: 11 - 15 JUNE 2012, University of Bergen, Norway
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Researcher Network meeting 2012
Time and place: 24 - 26 OCT 2012, Tallin Estonia

Researcher Network meeting 2013
Time and place: Autum, Bergen, Norway.

Researcher Training course 2013
Time and place: 27 - 31 MAY 2013, GEUS, Denmark.
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Researcher Network meeting 2014
Time and place: 8-10 OCT 2014, Visby, Sweden
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