Contact NordQuake
If you need to get in contact with the researcher network, there are 3 different ways: On matters that are related to a specific country please contact the national represent listed below. Om matters that consern all participants please use the NordQuake mailing list by sending an e-mail to On matters that relates to the administration of NordQuake please contact Peter Voss at

The researcher retwork is represented by 8 groups, one group for each of the participation countries. The groups are listed below with the national represent:

Group A: Denmark: Assoc. Professor Bo Holm-Jacobsen, Aarhus University,

Group B: Estonia: Dr. Heidi Soosalu, Leading Seismologist, Geological Survey of Estonia,

Group C: Finland: Dr. Päivi Mäntyniemi, Principal Investigator, University of Helsinki,

Group D: Iceland: Steinunn S. Jakobsdóttir, Project Manager in Earth Hazard Monitoring, Icelandic Meteorological Office,

Group E: Latvia: Dr. Valerijs Nikulins, University of Latvia,

Group F: Lithuania: Head seismologist Andrius Pacesa, Geological Survey of Lithuania

Group G: Norway: Assoc. Professor Lars Ottemöller, University of Bergen

Group H: Sweden: Föreståndare, projekt ledare, Reynir Bödvarsson, University of Uppsala,