About NordQuake
This researcher network will contribute to strengthening the quality of the earthquake research and research training in the Nordic and Baltic countries.
Earthquake monitoring is today performed in all of the Nordic and Baltic countries. The technical development in earthquake monitoring has over recent years evolved to a system of real time data transmission through the Internet. These data are a key component in both earthquake research and in research training at many Nordic and Baltic research institutions.
Cooperation, networking and joint use of research infrastructure is necessary to consolidate and develop the competence and experience that exist within the Nordic and Baltic countries. Earthquakes risk is relevant in the Nordic and Baltic countries to infrastructure such as nuclear power plants, hydrocarbon industry and nuclear waste storage. Understanding of earthquake risk abroad is also of great importance to the public and industry in the Nordic region.
Earthquake risk is a key topic for NordQuake. Recent earthquakes such as Kaliningrad in SEP 2004 and Sweden in DEC 2008, clearly illustrate that earthquakes are not bound by national borders and that the public will benefit tremendously by a joint use of the Nordic infrastructure in this field. The Kaliningrad earthquakes were a remarkable manifestation of seismicity in an area whose seismological record is devoid of any seismicity throughout centuries. The largest earthquake was felt in all the countries surrounding the Baltic.
This researcher network will provide a link to the NEAR - Network of European Research Infrastructures for Earthquake Risk Assessment and Mitigation project founded by the European Commission, and constitute a forum for earthquake research topic in relation the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty, a UN treaty ratified by all the countries in the Nordic region.
Earthquake engineering is an increasing business field in the Nordic and Baltic countries, and NordQuake will provide information on industry with job opportunities to students in the network. The goal is to widen the scientistsí perspective in the earthquake research field, to introduce them to new scientific problems and to give them the tools and the network to solve these. The Nordic Earthquake Researcher Network - NordQuake is funded by NordForsk.